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Circle of Ash

Sat September 30 - Sun October 29, 2023 Linn County Fairgrounds
Cedar Rapids, IA 52214 US


What are your Hours, Location, Etc.

We are open: 

Thursdays: 8 PM - 10 PM

Fridays: 8 PM - Midnight on Fridays

Saturdays: 7 PM - Midnight

Sundays: 7 PM - 10 PM

  • in-person tickets sales will end 30 minutes prior to closing
  • the ticket booth will open 30 minutes prior to opening

We are located at The Linn County Fairgrounds, 201 Central City Rd, Central City, IA 52402.

From the entrence gate of the Fairgrounds, follow the signange down Wapicadia Trail to gate 4 (the Pit Enterance) for Parking in the infield of the track.

Map Location

Can I buy tickets on-site?

Yes! But we really like it when you buy in  advance here. We accept all major forms of payment on-site. HINT: Tickets cost more on-site.

What are General Admission Tickets good for?

General Admission Tickets grant the ticket holder One Entry to each of our three haunted houses, access to the Court Yard, Fire Pits, Concessions (additional cost), roaming monsters, and generally a spooky good time.

Tickets are $25 + Fees & Taxes on all nights except for the 3rd and 4th Friday and Saturday of October, tickets are $30 + Fees & Taxes  on those nights.

What is the Fast Pass?

A fast pass is sold as a combo general admission ticket which includes access to our VIP/Fast Pass Lines for each of our three attractions. It is good for ONE admission to each of our three haunts. A pass should be purchased for each person in your party. The Fast Pass/VIP queue lines average a 5-10 minute wait.

Fast Passes are use TIMED ENTRY. That means you should plan to Arrive at Circle of Ash within the 30 minute window on your ticket. Early arrivials will generally be asked to wait until the 30 minute window on their ticket in order to be admitted.

Fast Passes are $45 per person on most nights. On the 3rd and 4th Friday and Saturday's of October, they are $50 per person.

We suggest the fast pass if you:

  • Want to lord your fast pass over our other victims/patrons still waiting in line
  • Did not/probably wont dress for the weather
  • Don't like lines
  • Want to attend multiple haunted houses in the area in one night
  • Want to impress your date
  • We DO NOT suggest fast passes be purchased online in the first two weekends, as the lines are generally shorter

What is a VIP Ticket?

A VIP Ticket is a lot like the Fast Pass, with one big caveat: unlimited re-entry. That's right, you will be able to skip the lines, and go through our three haunted attractions as many times as you can handle. We do cut off re-entries at 11:30pm.

VIPs do NOT have timed tickets, you may arrive anytime during our operational hours and stay as long as you'd like!

Fast Passes are $65 per person on most nights. On the 3rd and 4th Friday and Saturday's of October, they are $75 per person.

VIPs also get these great benefits:

  • Unlimited Admission to every attraction all night long!
  • Hang out and warm up in our themed VIP Lounge 
  • Skip the line for all 3 Haunted Attractions
  • 15% off Merch and Concessions
  • Keepsake Wristband
  • Free Popcorn, and a free Soda or Water


Do I need to wear anything special?

Our attractions contain both indoor and outdoor elements but are primarily outdoors, so please dress for the weather and wear shoes that are appropriate! 

While our topsoil is very sandy and rarely muddy, it can be a bit soft after heavy rains.  Wear footwear that covers your foot (open toed shoes are not recommended).  Wear clothing that will protect you from the environment - we make our best efforts to ensure the outdoor paths are clear of obstacles and vegetation, but we are in a forest, so nature is always present.

How long does it take to go through?

Our typical response to this question is: "It depends how fast you run."  In all honesty, this is a terribly difficult question to answer.  Since all of our attractions are self-guided walk through mazes, you're in control of how long it really takes!  If you have purchased a general admission ticket, plan on going through all three attractions, and come on a busy night, expect your time with us to be a minimum of 2 hours.

If you have places to be and other things to do on the night you attend, you can minimize your time with us by attending an early season night, purchasing a VIP/FAST PASS, and ensuring you arrive before we open our doors. 

Your experience through any given attraction will be longer if you take the time to enjoy the attraction and all the details we put into it, interact with the staff and characters, and walk slowly!  Your times may be inadvertently extended if you are caught and trapped by one of the monsters, make the wrong choices when navigating a maze, or get lost in one of our real mazes! 

Our monsters like to scare you, and if you run through the entire maze with your eyes shut, your experience will be unnecessarily short!  TAKE YOUR TIME AND PLAY WITH US! 

With all that said, we advise an average of 10-15 minutes inside of each of our three attractions in addition to queue-line wait times.

Is it appropriate for my kids? Can I drop off my kids?

Circle of Ash aims to deliver a show that is appropriate for PG-13 audiences. Some younger kiddos LOVE going through our attractions, and some, we are fairly sure have been scarred for life. We allow parents to be the judge of if they child is up for our attractions. We do have and use special effects, some gore, and pretend violence, but genrally avioid swearing, and nudity.

Children 13 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or gurdian while on the grounds OR entering an attraction.

Children under 16 MUST have a parent or guardian present at the attraction, but are able to go through the attractions solo.

What about Group Sizes?

We allow groups up to 6 persons to enter each attraction together; however, exceptions and changes to this rule at the discretion of the queue line attendants.

Do you offer Group or Corporate Rates?

Groups of 15 or more people qualify for group rates (15% Discount), but you must pre-register. To register please contact us at  You may pay in advance via invoice, mail personal or business checks 10 days in advance of your attendance, or you may pay via cash/credit card/cashiers check on site the day of your visit.  ALL GROUPS MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. 

If you are looking to purchase tickets for your employees or offer them a special discount, please reach out to

Do you have food on-site? 

Yes! We offer:

  • Water/Soda/Energy Drinks ($1-5)
  • Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Coffee ($3)
  • Popcorn ($3)
  • Candy/Pre-Packaged Snacks ($2)
  • Soft Pretzels with Cheese ($5)
  • Warm Fresh Baked Cookies ($3)
  • Cotton Candy ($5)

I lost my phone/etc in the attraction. Can you go look for it for me?

Sorry, we cannot stop the show and look for your lost item.  Our actors are always on the lookout for lost items, and when found they will be brought to the ticket booth.  You may return the next operating night to claim your items.  We will also ship your items to you, but you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.


It's raining/snowing outside. Will you still be open?

YES!  In fact, coming during the rain or snow might just be one of the best times to visit our attraction.  Sure, you may get a little bit wet, but you are likely to have to wait less.  Bring an umbrella and wear appropriate shoes, though, as our attraction is built outdoors.  We will shutter the event for inclement weather - for example when lightning or a tornado is present, and this decision is made by management as soon as we are notified by NOAA of dangerous conditions.  If the weather passes during our normal operating hours, we will inspect the attraction and reopen once our safety requirements are passed.  Occasional flooding events may cause us to have to close an attraction, and in that event this website will be updated on the main page with that information and we will offer a discounted admission rate. 

What kind of special effects are in use?

Our attraction uses strobe lights, fog and other atmospheric effects, loud sounds, scents and smells, lasers, projections, black lights, and dark areas.  We also have areas of uneven floors, ramps, and extruded flooring surfaces. 

Are you handicap accessible?

We pride ourselves in building attractions that are accessible to everyone, but please be aware of the following:  We've made every effort to ensure that our attraction is accessible to everyone, we do not have any stairs or areas which must be navigated in a method other than walking/using a wheel chair. The haunts are constructed to allow for this accessibility as we aim to follow ADA guidelines whenever possible.  With that being said, some elements of the attractions can be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to navigate without assistance, and since most of it is outdoors, expect some uneven ground and a lot of work!  We offer assistance to those wanting it during your visit, please speak with one of our staff if you'd like assistance.

I represent a radio/television station, newspaper, magazine or other media outlet. How can i contact you?

Media inquiries can be sent to  Please note that the vast majority of our advertising decisions are made a full year in advance, however in-kind trades or sponsorships are considered year-round.  Special appearances or requests to use our sets and scenes should be made with at least 10 business days of notice. 

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