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Go Lime

Sat September 18, 2021 Radisson Hotel
Hauppauge, NY 11788 US



GO LIME! Zoefia's 8th Heavenly Birthday
About this event

Dress Code - Semi-formal ... Color preferred - GREEN 


The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation INC. was launched on 04/12/20 after our beloved Zoefia passed away at the age of 6 with brain cancer Dec. 2019. All proceeds go back to helping cancer kids and their families.

Last year we celebrated in Times Square as our CEO was in bright lights! This year we are bringing the excitement to long Island. In honor of Zoefia’s 8th heavenly birthday, the Zoefia Alexandria Foundation Inc. will be unveiling a special 8-piece collection that will be modeled by some of our local cancer kids. September is also childhood cancer month, and we are spreading awareness. 


Live Performance from  Samm Scalafani - Song The Change - Song written for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

8 piece collection modeled  by local hero cancer kids. 

Gift Bags will be given to all guests!

There is food and raffles!


The mission of the Zoefia Alexandria Foundation is to honor Zoefia’s life and her courageous battle against Brain Cancer. Through contributions help to enrich the life and development of Cancer Children and their families by supporting Education and Housing. Our motto is "Making Moments Count"


Our Programs
We have 7 programs 7 = Completion
All programs are created based on our CEO Zoefia Alexandria If she didn’t do it, Love it, want it or need it we don’t implement it.

A Day of Adventure - Modified to Bags Of Adventure Program {until further notice}

Due to Covid19, and so many uncertainties we have decided to sideline a day of adventure and implement ‘Bags of Adventure” We are also broadening our geographic scope to be able to meet the needs of cancer families throughout the United States.

The bags are reusable as cancer children travel with so many necessities from medical supplies/clothing and toys! We strive to not only make moments count but to provide essentials that add some useful purpose to their daily routine.


Care Givers love Program

Some may wonder why this is important. It is not just Important its Absolutely necessary! Cancer Caregivers are on the front line when it comes to Pediatric Cancer, they are the STRENGTH, THE VOICE and BACKBONE for these kids! Outside of doctors and Nurses whose roles are limited, kids see their parents and in Zoefia’s case she was with Momma and Grandma on a daily! So, we know the ins and outs, the roller coaster, the nightmare’s the laughter and the tears. Being a Cancer Caregiver is not just giving medication or sitting bedside, there is a whole picture to look at and think about as well as plan for. All this can take a toll physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. So, we wanted to give back to the Caregivers because even something so small as a Massage, a Dinner or even a Manicure is big deal. Sometimes there just not enough time in the day to do simple things and the little time you do get is for resting. Most caregivers forget about themselves because they put their loved ones need before their own, we are here to not only remind you to take care of yourself, but we are here to show our appreciation.


Children’s Portraits Program

Children’s Portraits are important with Cancer Children they go through so much over the course of treatments. Medication alone changes their features and families need these photos for growth, progress, memories and simply to have because sometimes that is all that you are left with when they reach the end of their journey.


Portraits are offered to families ONCE per year and is based on availability of our Photographers who are volunteers. The Photo Session is for One hour and families are responsible for the hair, makeup, and clothing for the child. {Unless otherwise specified}.


Photos are taken at the studio\or an agreed location, if you are at a Temporary Housing such as ‘The Ronald McDonald House’ etc. WE DO NOT GO INSIDE OF FAMILIES PERMANENT RESIDENTS. We do however take photos outside the residents, due to corona locations are limited, we try to accommodate the family by allowing them to choose a location but please be mindful of the location and straying far out in another borough.

Super Siblings Day of Adventure

We added this after seeing the bond that Zoefia had with her Cousin Landyn and Alexander. Zoefia didn’t have Siblings she was an only child, she referred to her cousins as her brothers, they did so much together include celebrating every birthday and holidays. Landyn was very distraught, heartbroken and is having a difficult time processing the loss of Zoefia, so this inspired us to do something special.


How we get involved, we offer “A Day of Adventure” for the Cancer Kids, but we are extending that program to kids to who lost their siblings to cancer. If that cancer child has siblings, they get to go an adventure together as its one adventure per family. If the cancer child had no siblings and there is a cousin that was close to the child, they get to go on an adventure, one adventure is allowed. Why are we offering this? This is important for the kids as they suffered a loss and they are hurting, and we would like to help with this healing process by honoring them for a day. Making them feel loved, appreciated and giving them the superpowers to choose their adventure and honoring them as THE SUPER SIBLING.

Education Program for Cancer Kids

Education Programs are not just important it’s NEEDED! There’s not enough schooling for cancer kids. To clarify cancer children cannot go to regular school and they often must be home schooled. They can go to a school that is designated specially for cancer kids and be around children that are immune compromised like themselves. Currently there only program like this in the country “The Morgan Center” gives them a sense of normalcy and confidence, they get to learn, play, and socialize. All these attributes are key elements in not only life skills but for recovery for the continued fight of the disease “Cancer”.


How we get involved, Although The program is free for cancer kids there are still expenses that need to be covered to help enrich their lives. These experiences contribute to “Making Moments Count”. Zoefia was always excited about attending school at The Morgan Center, she enjoyed the special days that they went to field trips, having special guest, characters etc. catered lunch, hosting Birthdays and everyone favorites GRADUATION! Graduation was always surreal and the kids as well as parents were beyond excited it gave them a sense of accomplishment. Some of these children like Zoefia don’t live to attend a regular school, it’s the memories that counts. The Morgan Center to me is not just for the sick children it’s a place for the parents as well. The parents get to socialize with other parents going through the same thing, they know they are not alone. The Morgan Center also helps the parents fight for their kids as well as point them in the right direction to seek the help they need. The program is amazing, and these are experiences we want to give back to other kids attending the program.


Financial Housing Assistance Program

Financial Housing Assistance (Respite Housing) is extremely important and could possibly be the lifeline for both children and their parents. When your child is in the hospital you are not thinking about yourself, going home, where to sleep, taking baths or even what you will eat. The focus is being at your child’s bedside and making the right decisions. For Zoefia her respite housing was The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island that really helped us, we stayed there so that we could be near the hospital and\or bed side depending on whether she was in patient or outpatient getting chemotherapy. Being at Zoefia’s bedside made a world of difference for my family because she was never left alone in the hospital at any time. It was grandma or Momma that was always beside during the days I worked so after work I was able to spend time with her throughout the duration of her treatment. The Ronald McDonald House has made a tremendous impact on my family and Zoefia loved being at the house. She enjoyed plying, baking, movie nights, holidays, special guest, and the list goes on!


Financial Housing Assistance (Respite Housing) is part of our Mission, and we will be helping other families who walk in not just those doors but other respite housing with a child critically ill and have no idea of the long journey ahead of them. The Ronald McDonald House was special for Zoefia as we had many memories there and it will always be our Home Away from Home, but each family will create their own memories and have their own special respite housing.


Zoefia’s Alexandria Scholarship Program

Education is part of our mission, but we would like to extend a special scholarship once per year to a cancer child that is in college or about to go to college. Statistics are not easy to look at and while some don’t make it some kids are cancer free and they try to live normal lives. We would love to support them by offering a scholarship.


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Radisson Hotel
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