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KC Beep Kickball | Adult Tournament

Sat October 22, 2022 Kansas City Urban Youth Academy
Kansas City, MO 64108 US

Play Options


Register a team with 7-10 players!

Registration deadline is September 29. 


Register as an individual(s) and be placed on a community team of 7-10 players. 

Registration deadline is September 29. 

Event Information

Kick it with your friends and play Beep Kickball for a great cause!


CCVI and Alphapointe are hosting a one-day Beep Kickball Tournament for adults on Saturday, October 22. The event, held at the Urban Youth Academy, will guarantee three games of kickball and provide a fun opportunity to shed light on visual impairments. Form a team of 7-10 players or register as an individual and be placed on a community team! 


Beep Kickball is an adaptation of Kickball for those who are visually impaired, using a ball that beeps and two bases that buzz.


There are seven players on each team. On defense, five players wear a blindfold in the field, and two are sighted spotters. One blindfolded offensive player places and kicks the beeping ball from home plate then runs to a buzzing base, either first or third. If the runner reaches the base before a fielder picks up the ball, they are safe and score a run. If a fielder picks up the ball first, the runner is out. Three outs, six innings, or time expired, game over! 


8 teams minimum, 16 teams maximum. 3-game guarantee, randomly seeded tournament. 


Concessions stand at Kansas City Urban Youth Academy will be open and adult beverages will be available for purchase. Please drink responsibly. No outside food or drink. 


All proceeds benefit Alphapointe and CCVI's programs and services for children and youth who are visually impaired. 


Schedule - subject to change based on total number of teams

11:00 a.m.    Check-In Opens

11:30 a.m.   Team Captain Orientation

12:00 p.m.   Opening Remarks

12:15 p.m.   Practice

12:30 p.m.   Tournament Play Begins

3:30 p.m.    Championship Game

4:00 p.m.   Awards

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Kansas City Urban Youth Academy
1622 E 17th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64108 US

About the Tournament + Beep Kickball



One day 3-game guaranteed co-ed tournament held at the Kansas City Urban Youth Baseball Academy. Minimum of 8 teams registered to hold the tournament, with a maximum of 16 teams.


Teams will consist of 7-10 players, age 18 as of October 22, 2022, or older. All team members must sign a waiver before playing. There must be 7 players in the field, 5 blindfolded defensive players, and 2 sighted spotters. All players on the offense will be in the kicking rotation, regardless if they played in the field.

Length of Game

A game will be 4-innings or 20 minutes from the start of the game. The team in the lead after 20 minutes will be the winner regardless of who is kicking. This is to ensure all games can be played and the tournament progresses throughout the day.


A player is out if the ball they kicked is retrieved and lifted above the head by a defensive player before the runner reaches the buzzing base. The tie goes to the defense. Innings will change after 3 outs.


Teams score runs by the kicker reaching the buzzing base before a defensive player lifts the ball above their head. Home runs will occur if the kicked ball goes marked line on outfield before hitting the ground. If the ball hits the ground then bounces or rolls over the marked line, the ball is in play and the runner must reach the buzzing base before the ball is fielded by the defense.

Game Play

There is no pitcher and no second base. Defensive players take their place in the outfield and place their blindfolds. The sighted Umpire will ask “READY IN THE FIELD?” and fielders will say “READY.” The Umpire will then say “QUIET” to the players and spectators so all players can hear the beeping and buzzing.

The sighted umpire will hand the ball to the blindfolded kicker and say “PLAY BALL!” The kicker places the ball on home plate and kicks. The ball must go beyond the foul arc. If the kick goes straight foul or hits the ground foul, the Umpire will make the call and the kicker will have another try. There will be no strikeouts, kicking continues until the ball is kicked fair.

As soon as the ball is kicked, one Field Spotter on the defense team uses a remote to make either first or third base buzz, as indicated by the umpire, and the runner runs to that buzzing base.

The second sighted Field Spotter calls out a defender to retrieve the ball. There are no additional directions given, everyone must remain quiet. The sighted spotter may call for a different defender to retrieve the ball if they choose.

Two members from the kicking team will serve as sighted Base Spotters and will raise their arms in the air and yell “HERE” when the runner tags the base.

The Umpire listens for the “HERE” while watching the fielders and calls "OUT" or "SAFE."

If there is a dispute, the field and base spotters may be consulted, but the Umpire makes the final call.

Play stops when the fielder retrieves the ball or the runner reaches the buzzing base. Blindfolds may be removed at this time and players reset. The ball is returned to the Umpire.

If a collision is imminent, the Field Spotters, Umpire, or Base Spotters will yell FREEZE, FREEZE, FREEZE, and everyone must stop play while verbal direction is given.

Blindfolds may be removed between plays. Field Spotters can be switched each inning.

Officials and Player Conduct

This tournament is intended to be a fun community event! There will be one umpire to facilitate gameplay and to make official game calls. All players should act with good sportsmanship. Alphapointe, CCVI, and Kansas City Urban Youth Academy representatives and staff reserve the right to remove any player from the tournament or park grounds for misconduct.

Tournament Winner

Teams are guaranteed to play at least 3 games. Teams will be randomly seeded and bracket play will be determined after registration closes on September 29 and will be announced the week of the tournament.  

Inclement Weather
The Tournament will be held rain or shine. In the event of lightning, we will seek shelter indoors at the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy and will resume play once it is safe to do so.

Field Setup

  • First and third bases are 80 feet from home plate
  • Ball must be kicked past the foul line 30 feet from home plate
  • A ball kicked 100 feet from home plate is a home run


Field Positions

Umpire - Sighted (Alphapointe/CCVI volunteer)

  • Before each new kicker, the head umpire, who stands to the side of home base, asks “READY IN THE FIELD?” and the field spotter replies “READY”
  • Then the umpire says “QUIET” to the players and spectators so players can hear the beeping and buzzing
  • Next the umpire hands the beeping ball to the kicker and says PLAY BALL and the kicker kicks the ball
  • First and Third Base Spotters double as base umpires and call “HERE” and raise their arms upon the runner tagging the base
  • The UMPIRE listens for the HERE while watching the fielders and calls “OUT” or “SAFE”
  • If there is a dispute, the Field Spotters and Base Safeties may be consulted, but the umpire makes the final call


  • 2 Base Safeties – Sighted
    • Double as base umpires at 1st and 3rd base and call “HERE” and raise their arms upon the runner tagging the base
  • Kicker - Blindfolded
    • The goal of the kicker is to kick the ball inside the base foul lines and farther than the foul arc
    • The ball is placed on home plate to kick
    • Upon kicking the ball, the kicker listens for one of the bases to buzz and then runs and tags the base
    • The kicker may kick the ball via a place kick, a running place kick, or a punt
    • The kicker may not step any farther forward than home plate


  • Field Spotter 1 – Sighted (defense team member)
    • Turns on the buzzing base as indicated by the Umpire
    • Stops play to avoid collisions and request time outs by calling FREEZE
  • Field Spotter 2 – Sighted (defense team member)
    • Assists the fielders in getting positioned in the field and returning after each play if necessary.
    • Alerts their team as to which section of the field the kicked ball is coming towards
    • Calls out the number one for a ball on the first base side, two for center, three for a ball kicked on the third-base side
    • Identifies a player to retrieve the ball, provides no additional directions.
  • 5 Fielders – Blindfolded
    • Once the ball is kicked, the fielders can communicate with each other
    • The fielders must have the ball in hand and above their head before the runner touches the base to record an out
    • Tie goes to the defense (unlike baseball)

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